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Pluggable Transports

Obfuscation collaboration web presence


This repository is a cross-project collaboration space for censorship circumvention tools. Our initial focus is expanding Tor's pluggable transports work to easily work in a wider variety of circumvention tools. Initial collaborators include Lantern, Psiphon, Tor and uProxy.


There are two main collaboration spaces:

Mailing List: Our Google Group

IRC Meeting: The Pluggable Transports community conducts biweekly IRC meetings. You can find us in #tor-dev at the OFTC network every second Wednesday at 16:00 UTC.


We hope to get to refactor Tor's Pluggable Transport specification in to a core specification that can be used by a variety of circumvention tools. Each tool can then write up their own project-specific specification for how to make a pluggable transport work with its internal infrastructure.

What is a Pluggable Transport?

Pluggable Transports were defined by Tor, but some (FTEProxy, Meek) have already been adapted to other tools (Lantern, Psiphon. They are:

The obfuscation is the hard part, and as long as it's built using fairly generic interfaces (the way that fteproxy is), it can be reused quite easily across projects, even though their mechanisms for managing and communicating with pluggable transports are different.

Pluggable Transport Integrations

Transports Support in
obfs2 Tor
obfs3 Tor, Lantern
FTE Tor, Lantern, uProxy
scramblesuit Tor
obfuscatedssh Psiphon
meek Tor, Psiphon
flashproxy Tor
socks-rtc uProxy
flashlight Lantern

Tor's PT links:


Extended ORPort

Extended ORPort authentication